Synchronized Skating at Juan de Fuca!

Are you interested in participating in a team sport? Do you know what synchronized skating is all about?

Always wanted to learn but didn't know how to go about getting involved with a synchro team at our club?

Synchronized skating, or syncro, is a team of skaters skating on ice and flowing as one unit at varying levels of speed. Skaters perform maneuvers such as circles, lines, wheels, intersections and blocks while skating various turns and footwork. This is truly a fun way to skate as you learn new and exciting skating disciplines!

More information on our Synchro program will be online soon!

If you are in Junior Level Skating or higher and are interested in learning more about our teams and what the plans are for the fall season please contact:

Deanna Young, Ice Vizion

Bethan Greydanus - Cutting Edge

Thank you for your interest in our synchro program!