About Us

Established in 1972, the Juan de Fuca Skating Club maintains a passion for skating by encouraging skating instruction, practice, enjoyment and advancement of its members in all aspects of figure skating.

Our Club members are dedicated to the sport of Figure Skating and strive for individual excellence!

Our Coaches are qualified professional coaches who also have a passion and dedication in training skaters in achieving excellence in each skaters individual skating goals. Junior Coaches at JDF Skating Club are amazing! They mentor younger skaters with patience, compassion, goal setting, reasonable expectations and friendship!

The club skates at the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre and Westhills Arena in Victoria, BC, Canada and offers Canskate/Junior, Intermediate, and advanced synchronized skating programs.

Be sure to visit the Executive page to view our key personnel!

The Juan de Fuca Skating Club (JDFSC) was formed in 1972 by Gayle Wallach and Joann Van Amstel. Joann is still active with the club as a Judge.