Drop In Sessions

Who to Contact

Please contact our registrar Courtney Hopkins hoppyfam@yahoo.ca or our Co-Director of Skating Leslee Rushton at lrushton@telus.net with the date and time your interested in dropping into. 

Drop in Fee

$5.00 / 15 minutes ($20 / hour)

How to Pay

Payment is due before your skater hits the ice, please submit payment in an envelope marked with your skaters name as well as the date and time they are dropping in. Payment can be given to our registrar Teresa Troyer or any coach.

Other Clubs

Drop ins from other clubs must email a permission letter from their home club listing skaters Skate Canada number and that they are a member in good standing with their home club name and that they have permission to skate on JDFSC ice. This detail must be provided to JDFSC before the skater will be allowed to drop in.