2019-2020 JDFSC Board of Directors

Position Name    Email   More Info / Photo
President  Marla Rinta    Click Here
Past President  Vacant    
Vice President Stephanie Crighton


  Click Here
Secretary Heather Reece    Click Here
Finance Tracy Brown    Click Here
Coaches Voting Director  Leslee Rushton   Click Here
Director - Registrar  Selena Hebig registration@juandefucaskatingclub.ca Click Here
Director - Test Chair  Lena Imada   Click Here
Director - Ways & Means  Amanda Ingram    Click Here
Director - Publicity Carrie Bourgoin    Click Here
Director at Large Courtney Hopkins   Click Here


Roles & Resposibilites

Ever wonder what the Executive Members do for you and the club? Thinking about taking on a new challenge as a volunteer on the board?  Choose one of the positions below to see the kinds of activities each role performs within the club, and the level of commitment required to support our skaters each season!

Executive Positions Overview
Executive Descriptions.pdf
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