Tracy Brown


  • Attends monthly Executive meetings as part of the club’s Financial Committee.
  • Attends a scheduling meeting once a year
  • Is one of the four signing authorities on the bank accounts and will need to make these changes at the beginning of the fiscal year
  • Works closely with the Treasurer in regards to all financial matters and entries
  • Must have some bookkeeping experience‐we are currently using the Simply Accounting Program.
  • Receives (monthly) all of the entries from the treasurer for posting into the accounting program. Double checks all of the entries to ensure that all of the information needed to post each entry has been provided and that all entries will balance.
  • Receive the Bank Statements and is responsible for reconciling.
  • Determines ice costs at the beginning of the season.
  • Determines how much will be allocated to the coaches for different sessions
  • Completes the payroll each month.
  • Provides to the executive members the financial reports for each month (prior to the executive meeting).
  • Will provide all of the financial information to the treasurer for their preparation of the Financial Statements (at fiscal year‐end March 31) for the Annual General Meeting sometime in April