Kristi Muralt


  • Takes minutes and types up minutes at executive meetings, scheduling meetings, the AGM and any other meetings that are called
  • Circulates the executive meeting minutes via e‐mail to all executive members (by the Monday after the meeting at the very latest
  • Keeps an electronic file of the minutes within the club email address director folder
  • Picks up and distributes the club mail from the Post Office Box 47039 at the outlet in Western Food (in a timely fashion – at least once a week)
  • Logs all correspondence received – date received, description and who it was given to
  • Updates the Policy Book as required with updates provided by the President and Vice President or as an action item stemming from an Executive meeting and circulate updated copy to the executive
  • Determines the quorum for the AGM as per the club constitution (15%)
  • Provides an up‐to‐date club list for the AGM (from the Skate Canada website)
  • Provides and looks after sign‐in sheets for the AGM. No person can carry more than one vote. Executive members have a vote. If spouses attend, they can vote on behalf of the skater
  • Provides Roll Call at the start of the AGM (number of executive, voting and non‐voting members)