Stephanie Crighton


  • Attends skating sessions, as much as possible, to keep informed and as available to the membership as possible.
  • Schedules and prepares an agenda for meetings.
  • Sends out e‐mail reminding executive of the date, time and location of executive meetings along with a request for items to be added to the agenda.
  • Signs out and signs in the key to the executive meeting room (from main desk at Rec Centre).
  • Keeps e‐mail lists for different levels and forward information e‐mails
  • Manages and approves Web content
  • Attends all Executive and Planning meetings throughout the year. Attendance at some special meetings may be required.
  • Replaces the President's absences as Chair of Executive and/or Committee meetings if required.
  • Maintains open communication with the Club, President and Executive members to ensure a full understanding of Club activities and current issues.
  • Involved in problem solving or dispute resolution as needed, keeping a neutral stance and the interests of the entire Club (all skaters) as the basis for decision making.
  • Performs additional duties as assigned by the President. Involved in the day to day operations/special projects as personal skills dictate.
  • Manages changes or amendments to the Club Constitution.
  • Books rooms for regular Executive Meetings and other special Meetings, as required.
  • Coordinates annual Photos of skaters and the delivery of same when completed.
  • Coordinates annual Club Scholarships awarded at skaters’ high schools , and attend their Awards Presentations.
  • Helps coordinate the Annual Club Awards presentations.
  • Prepare an Annual Report (in conjunction with and input from the Director of Skating , President and core Executive), outlining the year's activities, to be presented at the AGM, for the information of the Club membership.
  • Makes sure competition announcements are updated on web and prints copies for the coach’s bulletin board and lobby board.