JDFSC Coaches


Coaching is the key in a skater learning quality skills and having fun at the same time. Finding a coach which your child works and responds well with is critical for their continuous progression. Coaches are passionate about the sport and love working with children and can greatly add to the maturing process. All Skate Canada coaches are required to be trained and/or certified in the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).


Becoming a Professional Coach requires planning and commitment to the profession. A certified coach is an experienced, skilled and dedicated professional. Coaches have a huge impact on the lives of their skaters and coaches always need to be aware of this fact and conduct themselves in a professional manner.


It's the greatest sport in the world for exercise and discipline. Enjoy it!

Our Coaching Team

Dave MacDonald
Annaliese Forgiarini
Leslee & Larry Rushton lrushton@telus.net  250-818-7151
Deanna Young fuzzysk8@shaw.ca