Annaliese Forgiarini

I grew up and did my young skating in Victoria. As a skater, I achieved GOLD TEST levels in FreeSkate, Figures, Dance and interpretive skating. I competed at, and hold Test levels at, Pre-Novice, Novice and JUNIOR COMPETITIVE Singles. I was trained and coached by Marilyn Barlow, Frank Nowasad, Ron Vincent, Sonya Dunfield, and Greg Folk.




One highlight of my life was my involvement with DISNEY ON ICE as an ensemble skater performing 'step-out' roles, as well as being the Line Captain. Not only did I love performing, but I also enjoyed travelling through North and South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and the United Arab Emirates with the show. It brings me great joy to see former students and JDF skaters experiencing the "show life" with Disney on Ice.




I am currently LEVEL II certified (NCCP/ISPC), and hold Level III Theory. I have coached for over 15 years, coaching all levels of skaters (CanSkate, STARSkate, Competitive) in FreeSkate, Skills, Dance, Choreography (Interpretive, Competitive solos and test solos).




I am a BCRPA approved Off-Ice trainer with Fitness Theory/Physiology, and the Strength Training Module. At JDFSC I am a 'Club Coach' teaching private, semi-private and group lessons. I also share the CanSkate Director job with Leslee Rushton.




I take pride in staying current with all Skate Canada and International Skating Union rules. I hold GOLD LEVEL status with Skate Canada's CEP program (Continuous Education Program).


My COACHING PHILOSOPHY is to help the skater develop skill, sportsmanship and discipline all while having the enjoyment, fun and passion for skating. It is my goal to bring out the best in each skater and enable them to pursue their dreams. I am so proud to be a part a sport that allows those involved to shine!