Juan de Fuca Skating Club     proudly presents



MARCH 9th - 2:00pm & 7:00pm

MARCH 10th – 1:00pm


In 2017 the JDFSC presented “SKATING IN COLOUR” to sold out audiences.  This coming March, we once again will be providing an amazing experience for all the skaters of the JDFSC as all levels can have the opportunity to perform in this show.


You will be immersed in a theatrical skating experience like no other!


The arena will be transformed into a 180- degree stage design from ice level to ceiling.  The set, props and costumes will all reflect the theme of the show.



Show lighting and sound will be provided by Pacific Audio Works.

They provide special features such as:

-8 EU 300 watt speakers      - 4 follow spot lights       - mirror ball/fog machines

- 120 feet of box truss to suspend lighting & sound

- 28 Chauvet Colorado’s (ice wash to change the colour of the ice)

-15 Martin Mac moving heads (to create colour designs on ice)



Seating for the show will be in the stands as well as at ice level. There will be the opportunity to purchase reserved seating as well.


Ice Show Permission forms are available at the arena from the coaches and we are requesting that all club skaters currently registered with the JDFSC wishing to participate in the show return the slip with fee asap (before Nov. 1st). We would like to start grouping all skaters for costumes and choreography, as we want to start on ice mid November. The November 15th deadline on the permission slip is intended for new members that are not yet registered with the club. We hope all JDFSC skaters will participate in this wonderful event.



There is a part for every club skater, but before choreography begins, we must have a commitment as to whether or not you wish to participate.


Ice Show practices are during regular sessions. You will be expected to attend all regular practices, the undress rehearsal, the dress rehearsal, perform in all 3 shows, and be responsible for having your costume made under the direction of the costume supervisor. There will be a $25.00 fee charged to each skater to help with the cost of this production. (lighting, set supplies, costumes, ticket printing, advertising, etc.) This fee is due with the return of the permission slip. Please make cheque payable to: JDFSC. 


Ice Show is fun and makes beautiful memories. It is a chance to show your family and friends what you and your fellow skaters can do.


Permission forms are available at the rink. Please tear off and complete the form and return it along with your payment to Mr. or Mrs. Rushton by Nov. 15, 2018. All skaters wishing to participate in this show must be registered for one of the programs with the JDFSC by this date even if they are starting up in January.  


* Hand in your Ice Show permission form ASAP with the

Ice Show fee attached *


Permission Form 'IMAGINE' 2019.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 503.5 KB


 You do not want to miss out on your chance to be involved in this spectacular show!!

Parents and guardians please indicate on the permission form what you would be willing to volunteer for the show!


In 2017 "Skating In Colour", many parents after the show wished

that they had been more involved and helped out because the show was amazing!!



Please attach your business artwork and cheque to this form and drop off to the arena at any club session to Larry or Dale before Jan. 10, 2019. If you do not have artwork, a business card will be sufficient to provide you with an advertisement. 


Ad Contact:

Dale Robertson - Email: druvssgm@gmail.com OR Larry Rushton # 250-818-7151, Email: lrushton@telus.net 


'IMAGINE' JDFSC Ice Show Sponsor Sheet.p
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Promotional Video for 2017 Ice Show "Skating In Colour"

'IMAGINE...' Ice Show Photos







        The sub is back in action!!

Event being held @ the

Juan de Fuca Arena


Juan de Fuca Arena

1767 Island Highway

Colwood, BC


  • Wheel chair accessibility
  • Reserved Seating at ice level
  • Parking available close to the rink entrance