2018-19 JDFSC Awards & AGM

Last day of winter ice at JDF with Mr.'s hat on the ice

A small sample of some "Imagine..." Ice Show Photos

Watch for our skaters selling Girl Guide Cookies

Ice Show Ticket Sales Winners!!!

She still wanted to skate on a snow day!

Vancouver Island Region Championships Competition

JDFSC Winter Wonderland

JDFSC December Food Bank Donation

Butchart Gardens Skate - 2018

2018 - JDFSC in the Victoria Santa Light Parade

Penguin Theme Days - Skating with Juan the Penguin

Vancouver Island Interclub - Campbell River

& BC Section Super Series Championship - Coquitlam

Halloween Week

Skate with Larkyn Day

6:30 am CanPowerSkate Class with parachutes

Bubbles and Balloons Week

Send off for Heather to go to Disney On Ice

Celebrating our JDFSC Coaches!

JDFSC Skaters at the Patrick Chan Seminar

Girls at the Junior Grand Prix in Richmond 2018

PA Training Clinic 2018

Summer School 2018

Spring School 2018

Awards Gala 2018

Showcase season 2017/2018

Canadian Championships in Vancouver

Christmas time: Winter Wonderland, Food bank Donations

PA's Christmas cards and Gifts

"Paint a Skate" Contest

Santa's Light Parade 2017

Fall/Winter Skate 2017/2018

2017/18 Program Assistants (PA's) and PA training

Summer Skate 2017

Summer Skate 2017 - Beach Day

Spring Skate 2017

Fall/Winter 2016/17

2016/17 Program Assistants (PA's)

BC Summer Skate 2016

End of Season Awards 2016

Santa Parade 2015

Christmas Fun 2015

Summer Skate 2015

Halloween 2015