21st Season Kickoff of JDF Ice Vizion Synchro Skating Team

Wed, September 6, 2017

This season's Ice Vizion Sys Class III Adult team will consist of 8 - 20 skaters.  In order to compete on this team, skaters must have reached the age of 19 as of July 1st preceding the competition, and at least 75% of the skaters must have reached the age of 35 as of July 1st preceding the competition.


Please RSVP your intent by August 30, 2017 to jdfsynchro@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you at the kickoff session on September 6th!

Deanna Young
Ice Vizion Synchro Coach
Juan de Fuca Skating Club

What is Synchronized Skating?

Synchronized skating, or Synchro, is a team sport consisting of 8 - 20 skaters skating on ice, and flowing as one unit at varying levels of speed. Skaters perform maneuvers such as circles, lines, wheels, intersections and blocks while skating various turns and footwork. This is truly a fun way to skate as you learn new and exciting skating disciplines!

Synchronized Skating at the JDF Skating Club

Are you interested in participating in a team sport? Do you know what synchronized skating is all about?  Have you always wanted to learn but didn't know how to go about getting involved with a synchronized skating at our club? Now is your chance!


The JDF Skating Club in Victoria is recruiting skaters to join our fun and exciting Synchronized Skating Program!


For all skill levels:
-          Various ages (18 years of age up to 50+)
-          Synchro experience an asset
-          Possible opportunity to travel and compete in a local B.C. competition
-          Possible opportunity to participate in local exhibition


There is a healthy and achievable balance between school, work and extra-curricular activities so become involved in a fun and rewarding sport!


If you are interested, or have any questions at all about our program, please contact:


Deanna Young
JDFSC Synchro Coach